Dear Parents,

The student’s diary is a valuable link between child’s learning at school and his activities at home. It keeps you informed about your ward’s progress and participation in classroom learning and out-of-class activities in school. The school expects you to go through the diary everyday and enthusiastically respond to the messages/suggestions written by the educator. The child can forget performing his / her duties but the parents are always supposed to be alert and concerned in supervising in view, we are listing below the following instructions to be noted carefully by the parents.

The student’s dairy has been introduced for effective communication between the staff of the school and you.

Your ward is required to bring the diary to the school every day and to note down the day-to-day assignments and instructions in the diary.

It is essential that you inspect your ward’s diary every day.

All the communications noted down should be countersigned by you.

In the event you want to communicate with the class teacher or the subject teacher please use the dairy.

Parents can meet the class teacher to discuss the progress of their ward on the days assigned to each class or by a prior appointment made with the teacher.

All parents are expected to attend the Parents-Teacher meetings.

Parents are requested not to visit their wards in the classroom without the prior permission of the Section Head/Principal.

Finally, yours and wards co-operation in maintaining the diary properly will go a long way in achieving the educational objectives of your ward more effective.

With best wishes…